I don’t like this world the way it is. . .

Psalms 9-11 are listed among those known as Imprecatory Psalms. These are Psalms which invoke judgment and calamity upon one’s enemies and the enemies of God.  They were written in times of great distress and persecution.  They beseech God to intervene with justice and to make things right.

There are many places in the world where Christians are being persecuted at this very moment and these prayers (Psalms) are very appropriate.  The heart cry is for God to bring relief; to make things right.

And even for those of us who are not being persecuted for our faith, there is still that sense in which we are tired of the sin and destruction brought on by this world system and we too have this heart cry:  Come, Lord Jesus, make things right!

The Lord is in His Holy Temple!

(Psalm 9-11)

a teaching rhyme                                                                     by Jerry Collier

O Lord, do not hide in this troublesome time
When arrogant wicked step over the line.
They prey on the helpless, bring harm to the frail;
Forever, O Lord, their aggressions derail
That they terrify no more.

O Lord, lift your hand, as the King of the earth
And hear the afflicted, defending their worth.
The heartless, the greedy, reviling your name,
Who stomp on the needy, Lord, put them to shame
Their wickedness do not ignore.

O Lord, be our refuge for we are oppressed.
We know you by name and by you have been blessed.
O Lord, hear our groaning, from harm keep us safe.
And answer with justice, and honor our faith.
Lord, heed our fervent appeal.

The Lord in His Temple, His heavenly throne,
No movement or shadow to Him is unknown.
Observing and watching the sons of all men
Seeking and testing and proving and then
His righteousness He will reveal.

The Lord—He is Sovereign.  He sits on His throne.
His judgment is righteous; He does it alone.
He does not ignore the afflicted ones cry;
Rebuking the nations—His righteous reply
Is written in His word:

“The nations will fall to their mountains of debt.[1]
Their feet will be caught in the net they have set.

They stumble and perish in pits of their sin.

Their names will be blotted for what they have been;

Never again to be heard!”

But you in your mercy will save those who trust.
You lift up the righteous; you judge the unjust.
For you, Lord, are righteous; you love righteous deeds.
From your Holy Temple your goodness proceeds
To save all those who believe.


[1] The greatest debt is not monetary but the enormous debt incurred by sin committed against the Holy God and Creator.

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