All in All!

a teaching rhyme
by Jerry Collier

He, the Creator, Sustainer of all;
Eternity’s adorn.
His power, behold; cosmic and bold,
from nothing—existence is born.

He, the Author, the Cause, the Source,
the Universal Name;
Chronologies pace, all matter and space—
have a heavenly frame.

He, the Ancient, the Recent, the Now,
the emerging Future span.
Original, Prime, traversing time,
through Him it all began.

He, the Outset, the Pathway, the Goal;
and all that lies between;
material wrought, both knowing and thought,
what is and is unseen—

All that there is or ever will be—
He is the very core.
The All in All. . . . . Eternal enthrall. . . . .
beyond Him, there is no more!

He, the Lover, the Champion, the Friend,
With hands reaching out, He bades;
Though earth may churn, and shadows turn,
His unchanging love never fades.

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,
the Mover, the ebb and flow;
The path that’s straight, the entry gate,
God is, and wants you to know.

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