The Day of the Lord!


(Based on Isaiah 24 and Malachi 4)

The Day of the Lord is a day of voices:  Voices that proclaim death and destruction on earth.  But they are not the only voices heard that day.

The Day of the Lord;
God gave it a name.
Devastation on earth;
For all it’s the same

Priest or people,
Mistress or maid,
Master, servant,
Distinction not made.
Seller, buyer,
Borrow or lend,
Debtor, creditor,
None can defend;

For all are held to blame!

The earth is defiled;
Vines dry up and wilt,
And little is left
Of all that man built.

Gaiety stilled;
No more a song.
Beer is bitter.
Everything’s wrong.
City in ruin;
Joy turns to gloom.
Nations battered,
The world a tomb;

For all must bear their guilt!

Herded together,
Like prisoners are bound;
The day does punish,
The heart does pound.

The earth splits up,
Torn asunder.
It reels and shakes;
Total plunder.
Sways like a drunk,
And then falls down.
Floodgates open,
Horrible sound.

The Day of the Lord’s renown!

Wait, I hear voices,
O’er land and the sea,
And they shout for joy,
Acclaim majesty.

Over the earth,
People proclaim,
“Glory to God,
Exalt His Name.”
From Israel,
To ends of earth,
Forever praise,
With joy and mirth.

They shout, “Glorious is He!”

That day—it will come,
Like a furnace burn.
That day sets on fire,
Hay, stubble in turn.

You, who revere,
His Holy Name,
Sun will arise,
A righteous thing.
His healing wings
Will send you out,
And like a calf
You leap about;

The day the Lord returns!

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