a teaching rhyme
by JD Collier

“I can”, “I will”, “I did”, “I am”;
these words I have said plus “I must”.
But what do you think these words reveal?
Is it me or my God that I trust?
“I am”, “I have”, “I want”, “I know”;
narcissistic words disgrace.
I’m troubled by the thoughts that I have;
Is it Christ or the “I’s” I embrace?

(“I want” you to know; “I am” in control;
is the message I silently send.
“Have no fear for ‘I am’ here
and ‘I can’ do it, my friend.”
“I’m” such a delight, “I have” it right;
my passion as I declare:
“Please excuse me while I interrupt,
but ‘I have’ some wisdom to share.”)

Why is this lesson so hard to learn,
that my flesh I dare not trust,
that I must lean on the Spirit of Christ,
that the sinful man only lusts.
Why I haven’t remembered this truth,
that the sinful man is me;
the “I” that I have so often said
is really, “I choose to trust me.”

All of these words that I write down
lead me to one conclusion.
Even though I have trusted in Christ;
I’ve nurtured this “I” illusion;
that somehow in me is power and strength;
(I try to be modest, yet boast.)
that my understanding must be heard,
for my thoughts are better than most.

I hope this thickened skull has learned
that all is in His hands,
and that I, by faith, can lay aside
the prideful “I’s” and “I am’s”.
Help me Lord to have self-control;
submitting my “I’s” to you.
remembering it’s not in me at all,
but the answer is following you.

And though this flam I have held so tight,
the truth I now see quite well!
This body will die. . . . this Adamic “I”. . .
this mirage in a tainted shell.
Then “I” will be released from this “me”.
Yet, come resurrection day;
a new “I” will rise, both humbly and wise,
and be clothed with God’s new DNA.

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