The Man God Made

by JD Collier

In His own image God made man,
complete and perfectly whole;
perfect in health,
spiritual wealth,
perfect in body and soul.

A paradise was prepared for him,
a perfect place to live;
all man needed,
that God exceeded,
and continued with love to give.

Enter this picture, the serpent bold,
with slithering, devious plan;
Adam debase,
destroy this new race,
infuse with venom God’s man.

The poison in Adam infected his race;
to all of creation it spread.
No one could halt
this massive assault;
against man and nature it tread.

Then Adam’s sin metastasized,
adding death to God’s man’s plight;
death and decay,
disease to this day;
none are immune to the blight.

And nature caught the dreadful disease,
imperiling man with unknowns;
with droughts and storms,
earth shakes and reforms,
and struggles with unending groans.

“Cursed above all, on your belly crawl,”
this to the serpent God said.
“My man you dislike,
whose heel you strike;
He will turn and crush your head.”

Its God’s desire that all be healed,
both man and His creation;
healed from the curse
that envelops the earth,
healed of its deprivation.

Enter this picture another, God-man,
a second man, Jesus Christ,
healing the race
by giving man grace;
the death of the God-man sufficed.

He bore the sin, death and decay,
and the brunt of Satan’s plan;
took Adam’s place,
the whole human race,
and died on the cross for man.

The serpent hissed as he watched Him die,
placed in a grave; but there’s more;
He rose from the dead,
He crushed serpent’s head,
stands ready to heal and restore.

New heavens and earth He will create;
a perfect place—as then.
Just as at first,
released from the curse,
forever we’ll be with Him.

As it began, so will be the end,
man complete, perfectly whole;
perfect in health,
spiritual wealth,
perfect in body and soul.

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