Isaiah’s Song


a teaching rhyme
by JD Collier

(all references from the Book of Isaiah)

Hear these words from Isaiah’s book
and desire to understand;
words that open the way to truth
and expose the heart of man.

Thick darkness covers all of the earth;                                      60:2
and it’s people—they are blinded.
They do not call upon my name.
They have become self-minded.

Sinful people, loaded with guilt,                                                    1:4
each turning to his own way.
Everyone is wicked and vile;                                                          9:17
and like sheep have  gone astray.                                               53:6

O men of Zion, you do not hear;                                                  32:3
you have eyes, but do not see.
You honor me with the words of your lips                             29:13
but your hearts are far from me.

I take no pleasure in your feasts;                                                  1:11-12
they are meaningless to me.
Your righteous ways are rags of filth;                                      64:6
and from  good you defiantly flee.                                              30:16

For the wicked, there is no peace                                               57:21
as their sins spread all around.
God’s way of peace–they do not know;                                     59:8
truth is nowhere to be found.                                                        59:15

We must pay heed and not ignore,
if this indictment is true.
None are excluded—don’t you see,
no, neither Gentile nor Jew!

For all have sinned these words make clear
as they continue to condemn.
We need a Savior, one who redeems,
who can turn our hearts to Him.

In darkness all the people walked;                                               9:2-6
but now they have seen a great light.
“For unto us a child is born”;
a child–dispelling the night.

From Jesse’s stump a shoot comes forth;                                11:1-2
from his roots a Branch will bloom.
He will house the Spirit of God
and Wisdom this Branch will entomb.

God Himself will give you a sign:                                                   7:14
a stunning message to trust.
A virgin will conceive a Son;
Immanuel–GOD WITH US!

“For unto us a child is born,”                                                          9:6-7
who will reign on David’s throne.
His reign of peace will know no end.
His zeal will do it alone.

Almighty God, He will be called;                                                    9:6-7
Counselor, Prince of peace.
The increase of His government
and of peace will never cease.

Who is this child of whom he speaks;
this One who is God in flesh?
How does He bring such hope to man;
restore, revive, and refresh?

Listen with care as He continues
to tell us how He redeems;
through the death of the blessed Messiah,
the One He highly esteems.

So disfigured was His appearance—                                           52:14
beyond that of any man;
and He was marred beyond recognition;
they mocked–did not understand.

Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief;                                  5 3:3-7
His life–to death was poured.                                                        53:12
Yet in silence—made no defense,
though God had anointed Him Lord.

Led like a lamb, into the  slaughter;                                          53:7-9
in judgment taken away;
He was cut from the land of the living;
Assigned a grave–where He lay.

What do you think of what you read;
that the Savior—He must die?
“This makes no sense at all”, you say.1
But listen to God’s reply.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts”, God says.                 55:8
“My righteousness I reveal.”                                                         56:1
“Neither are my ways your ways”; and                                     55:8
“My words accomplish my will.”                                                  55:11

Hear My words that I bring to pass.                                           53:10-13
The Lamb is sent forth to die.
He is made an offering of guilt,2 53:10
and lifted up on high.                                                                         52:13

After the suffering of His soul;                                                       53:11
then God will be satisfied.3
By knowledge of His Righteous One
will many be justified.

Pierced for us and stricken by God;                                           53:4-10
crushed, oppressed and afflicted,
His punishment brought mankind peace–
peace to the heart of the wicked.

Surely He took  all of our sins                                                       53:4
and carried all our sorrows.
And by His wounds we all are healed;
restoring the one who follows.

What will be my response to this?4
And what does it mean to me?
His invitation is made quite clear;
and from sin can set us free.

Come now all of you thirsty ones;                                              55:1
come to the waters and live.
Come and buy–no money is needed;
a full pardon He will give.

“Come, Let us reason”, says the Lord,                                        1:18
“though scarlet your sins may be.
I will make them as white as snow,
forgiven–my guarantee.”

Listen, give ear and come to me;                                                55:2-5
hear, that your soul may live.
An everlasting covenant,5
Endowed with splendor, I give.

Seek the Lord while he may be found.                                      55:6-7
Call on Him while He is near.
Let the wicked forsake his way.
Turn to the Lord! He will hear!

From Zion the Redeemer comes;                                               59:20
hear Him, the One that I sent.
The lowly heart He will revive;                                                   57:15
those who from sin repent.

A foundation, tested and sure,                                                    28:16
is my precious cornerstone.
No one will ever be dismayed
who will trust in Him alone.6

Hear this promise He gives to us;
the promise of His return.
Now listen as he prophesies
about this future–we learn.

Justice to the nations, I bring.                                                     42:1
It’s no small thing that I do.                                                          49:6
The tribes of Jacob, I restore;
a light to the Gentile too!

To Zion say, “Your Savior comes”,                                            62:11
proclaim this to all the earth.
And His reward returns with Him;
holy, redeemed, of great worth!

Gladness and joy will come your way.                                     35:10
The lame will leap like a deer.                                                      35:6
Strengthen your hands, steady your knees;                          35:3-4
your God will come–don’t fear!

New heavens and earth He will create.                                    65:17-19
And its people, His delight.
Sounds of weeping will be no more.
Behold! He make all things right.

For when the Lord returns to Zion;                                           52:8-9
you will see it with your eyes.
Burst into songs of praise and joy!
Oh, Jerusalem, arise!

One Messiah, there’s only one;
He suffered and He will reign.7
He who dies will come back likewise,
that David’s throne He may gain.

Do you now see and understand
These words the prophet foretold?
Not his words but “Thus saith the Lord”;

Song of the prophet of old.

VII. Post Script

There’s one more point; consider it well.
Bitter it is to receive.
What will happen to those who refuse;
refuse in Him to believe?

Who turn their backs away from Messiah,
in spite of what He has done;
disregarding His sacrifice—
in sin continue to run?

Those who forsake the Lord will perish;                                     1:28-31
rebels and sinners—entire.
They and their works will burn together
with no one to quench the fire.

They are now dead. They live no more.                                   26:14
Their spirits; they do not rise.8
Punishing them—He brought them to ruin.
All memory of them dies.

From the cup of His wrath you drink.                                       51:17-19
down to the dregs you have drained.
As you stagger—there’s none to console;
destruction and ruin are rained.

You did not answer when I called.                                            65:12
You did evil in my sight.
You did not listen when I spoke;
instead, refused my invite.

Do you not listen to what is said;
to what the prophet foretold?
If so, a song no more but . . .

a dirge from the prophet of old.

IX. Final Thought

Two groups of people, Isaiah reveals;
all are not in the same lot.
You may choose one or the other:
One believes! And one does not!


1 Many were looking for a political savior that would deliver them from their enemies.
The Hebrew word (‘asham), used in 53:10, can be translated as either guilt or sin offering. These offerings are outlined in Lev. 4-6. The penalty for all sin, whether intentional or unintentional, was vicariously placed on the sacrificial animal. The sin of the worshiper is transferred symbolically to the animal by the laying on of hands of the one offering the sacrifice. Thus, his sin toward God is expiated by the blood of the innocent animal.
Isa. 53:11 reads as follows: “When he sees all that is accomplished by his anguish, he will be satisfied. And because of what he has experienced, my righteous servant will make it possible for many to be counted righteous, for he will bear all their sins.” (NLT) The ‘satisfaction’ spoken of is the result of seeing the full fruit of His anguish or travail of soul. The fruit is the conversion of Israel and the world as seen in the last days (Isa 2:2-4) and of all who by faith place their trust in the Messiah.
The ‘response’ is to the following characteristics that Isaiah identifies in the Messiah:
1) He is a child born into Jesse’s (the father of David) lineage.
2) He will be born to a virgin.
3) He will be called Almighty God and God with us (Immanuel); God in the flesh.
4) He will be despised; will suffer; and then be killed.
5) His death will be a guilt offering to atone for the sins of the many.
6) He will be highly exalted.
7) He will establish an eternal kingdom of peace and righteousness.
5 This everlasting covenant was spoken of in King David’s last words as recorded in 2 Sam 23:5:
“Is not my house right with God? Has he not made with me an everlasting covenant, arranged and secured in every part?” (NIV) This same covenant of love promised to David (Isa. 55:3) is now promised to all who will receive.
The “Precious Cornerstone” is God’s Messiah and it is abundantly clear that “trust” coupled with “repentance” is the invitation God is extending.
Some theologians in Judaism have postulated that there must be two Messiah’s—one political Messiah that will deliver them from their adversaries and another Messiah that is destined to suffer. They have had difficulty folding both concepts into one Messiah.
This is not to say there is no resurrection, but that the referred to, had been irrevocably placed in Sheol; swept away by God, so that even memory of them does not persist.
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