The Savior King

(An excerpt from “The Kingdom Story”)
a teaching rhyme
by JD Collier

Almost two thousand years from Abram’s birth,
was born the King whom God had sent to earth,
to bring the Kingdom God had promised, and
to rule the world—bring peace to all the land;
fulfilling all the words the prophet’s spake,
with signs and wonders proved He came to make
what God had promised. . . .come from His own Son;
fulfill the covenant still left undone.
He made His mission known, His words amazed.
For all of the sick He healed;  the dead He raised.
In parables He spoke, the truth revealed;
forgiving sins, and bondages He healed.
And everywhere the people sought Him out
to hear His words; know what He spoke about.
Palm branches paved the way as they proclaim:
“Blessed is He who comes in the Lord’s name.”

Now listen well.  It’s hard to understand
the actions taken by the leaders and
to see what happened next—what they believed
about the One God sent—how they received
the Savior King.

They listened to the words He had to say
and questioned Him to see if He would pay
attention to their thoughts—acknowledge them
as rightful heirs to father Abraham.
When He did not support them or their way;
they turned their back; a trap began to lay,
arresting Him and putting Him on trial,
He opened not His mouth and all the while
they railed at Him and shouted: “Crucify”!
“You claimed to be from God. Now you must die!”
They nailed Him to a cross and watched to see
if He, as God, would come down from the tree.
The Son of God they openly defied;
“You saved others.  Now save yourself,” they cried.
They sneered.  They jeered; taunting with words that sting.
Though sent by God—they killed their Savior King!

Can you imagine what the Father felt?
The man He made had with the Father dealt
with hateful heart, yet to religion cling—
but God would use this very death to bring
man back to Him.

Go back and read the prophets words of old.
About His death, Isaiah had foretold.
He wrote it well; his wording was precise;
describes from God a Lamb of sacrifice
who gave Himself a guilt off’ring for sin;
iniquity of all was laid on Him;
how He’s  rejected and despised by men,
how He, the Lamb, was crushed and pierced and then
taken away by death-assigned a grave,
yet did no wrong; in righteousness He gave.
It was God’s will that this would come to be,
for it accomplished everything that He,
with love unfailing, promised from the start:
the covenant He made. . . He will impart.
His Kingdom to be pure can have no sin.
He took the sin so we could enter in.

The Kingdom story did not end in death.
It did not stop when He took His last breath;
nay, it continues to a brighter day,
and gives man hope though He had turned away
from loving God.

It happened on the first day of the week.
The guards stood by so that no one would seek
to steal the body of the Savior King;
make an outrageous claim that they had seen
Him come to life as He had said He would,
and spread deception.  That would not be good.
But none could stop what God did foreordain.
What happened next the guards could not explain.
The earth did quake, an angel by the cave
rolled back the stone that covered up the grave.
The angel shone with brightness–all aglow;
the guards in fear were deadened in their woe,
(And now we know what Psalmist, David meant,
the words he wrote spoke of this great event;
“His body not decay”, the prophet said.)
for Jesus . . .  Savior King . . . rose from the dead!

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