Only One God! Only One Way!

a teaching rhyme
by JD Collier

Only one God,
only one Way,
only one Name to confess;
only the blood of Jesus the Son,
and only His righteousness.

If God is God, can He not say
how He will relate to man?
Yet from the beginning
many have said
there are other ways we can.

“Circumcision—a precondition,
or church attendance will do.
Give to the poor and what is more,
good deeds are sure to get through.
Muhammad we know,
Buddha also;

surely their way will be good.
Live a good life,
avoiding all strife,

doing our best as we should.
Many the roads that lead to God;
narrowness thwarts the soul.
Be sincere in what you believe
and you will achieve your goal.
We’re smart people and we can decide

how we and our God relate.
We in our wisdom can figure it out—
we’re the captains of our fate.”

Thus men with great intelligence
philosophize in the dark;
speaking from incomplete premises,
intrigued by their own remark!
They have become gods to themselves,
opining with utmost delight;
enthralled in the richness of who they are—
not knowing the weight of their plight.

The wisest of wise,
the proudest of proud
in nakedness came from the womb;
though tributes expands,
death still makes demands—
and naked he’ll be in the tomb.
All of his smarts, all of his wits,
will one day suddenly end.
And all his high-minded thoughts will
with God no longer contend. . . . .

In ancient days of Holy Writ,
the friends of Job were not mute.
Boldly they spoke of the workings of God
and with Job began to dispute.
With the finest of verbiage
they spat out their words
until God had had enough.
The blistering questions
He asked of Job
were more than a mild rebuff:

“Why would you darken my counsel
with words;
words you do not understand?
Almighty God, presume to correct?
Brace yourself!  Think like a man!
Which of you is able to stand
against Me or My decree
or question the justice of what I do
or change it ‘cause you disagree?
Who of you is acquainted with death
and knows knows of the other side?
Tell me if you know all of this—
Is your worthiness able to guide?
Yet you, in your wisdom, presume to tell Me
how I should relate to you?
I, the one who created you?
You would tell
Me what to do?”

Those ancient men who spoke with great pride—
who through darkness thought they could see,
surrendered to the God who says,
“There is no God besides Me!
I am called, ‘I Am that I Am.’
and I continue to be.
And I, the Lord,
have provided the Way
for you to relate to Me.
Can you not see the heart of my love?
I’m jealous, as I should be.
I am the One who created you,
yet you turned your back on Me.
Don’t you not see how much I care,
that I would go to such length
to sacrifice Myself for you;
seek you with all of My strength?
I, your God, through Jesus My Son,
died for your sins on a tree;
taking your failings upon Myself
so you can come back to Me.
Why would you want another way
besides the one that I give?
One made out of love,
designed above;
to ensure that you can live?”

Only His mercy,
only His grace,
only His love will suffice;
My only hope
is found in His death
on the cross of sacrifice.
There is only one God,
and only one Way,
only one Name to confess;
only the blood of Jesus the Son,
and only His righteousness. . . .

Do not play the arrogant fool,
and presume to know too much.
Bend your knee to the only true God;
in love He will bend down and touch.


John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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