Good Friday Crucifixion







almost two thousand years from Abram’s birth
God sent His King
the Promised One to earth to teach
and show them love
they were amazed
for the sick
He healed
the dead
He raised
and everywhere
the people sought Him out
to hear His words
know what He spoke about
palm branches paved the way
as they proclaimed
“Blessed is He who comes in the Lord’s name.”

now listen well
it’s hard to understand
the actions taken by the leaders
and to see what happened next—
what they believed about the One God sent—
how they received
the Savior King

they listened to the words He had to say
and questioned Him to see
if He would pay attention to their thoughts—
acknowledge them as rightful heirs to father Abraham
when Jesus did not lift them
in their pride
they turned their backs
and set His claims aside arresting Him
and mocking with a trial
He opened not His mouth
yet all the while they railed at Him
and shouted
“You claimed to be from God—
now you must die”
they nailed Him to a cross
and watched to see
if He
as God
would come down from the tree and so
the Son
they openly defied
“You saved others—
now save yourself” they cried
they sneered
they jeered
they taunted with words to sting
though sent by God—
they murdered

~JD Collier

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