God is our refuge and strength—Ps 46:1

“The Lord is the strength of my life.  Of whom should I fear?”
Though battles are raging, the combat inferno severe;
the Jacob wrestling God that none can defeat,
and those whom He commands, who never retreat,
those God assigned battalions of angels—armed;
stand ready to fight and keep your soul unharmed.
Firmly in faith, take up your position and He
will open your eyes; like the prophet Elisha to see
that God is a safe place to hide.

Though the strongholds of men and the forces of evil combine,
God is our refuge; our strength in the troublesome time.
Our God who is love in action, speaks the word;
immediate Help—sometimes appearing absurd;
like the staff becoming a snake or parting the sea,
and who would believe that the Help would be nailed to a tree
to suffer and die; but then be raised from the dead?
“Hidden with Christ in God,” as boldly said.
Yes! He is a safe place to hide.

When temptations grab hold to take you away in disgrace,
His lifesaving mercy stands ready; unshakable grace.
Invulnerable arms prepared to sweep you away,
and slaying the dragon, bring victory in midst of the fray;
never forsaking but bearing on eagles wings,
through the valley of death, leading to living springs;
renewing the mind and washing all sins away,
shielding our faith–and that is why  we say
that He is a safe place to hide.

Sound loudly the trumpet, in gladness rejoice and make mirth;
for God is the King of the Mountain and Lord of the earth.
Though the wicked prevail and evil becomes very bold,
with a famine in virtue, when the love of many grow cold,
though God be hated; His servants be blamed for disruption,
though Bab’lon intrigues, seducing to fatal corruption,
though economies falter and hardships surround every nation—
Never forget!  Remember this clear declaration—
that God is a safe place to hide!

~JD Collier

Ps 32:7
You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

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