Memorial Day

This poem is written as a memorial specifically to those who have died for their faith in Jesus Christ. . . and to those still living who face persecution for their faith.  May God bless you on this Memorial Day.

Veterans of Faith

All those who died
who went before
who blazed the trail
who fought the war
All those who bravely
stood the test
who walked by faith
when hardship pressed
All those who loved
who saw beyond
who praised His Name
when hate was spawned
To those who lost
whose blood was poured
who gave their life
yet gained reward. . .

And those with hope
who gave their best
who heard the word
in faith said yes
All those who chose
His firm embrace
whose eyes could see
a better place
All those who bore
the cross
the shame
whose faith stayed strong
in Jesus Name
To those who crossed
the line and won
those saints of God
who cheer us on. . . .

And those today
who stay the course
who stand against
an evil force
who walk by faith
confess their sin
who stand their ground
who don’t give in
To those in Christ
who do their part
absorb the hurt
yet don’t lose heart
To those who stand
in one accord
vet’rans of faith
who seek the Lord. . .

we honor with grateful applause!

~JD Collier

“. . . the world was (is) not worthy of them” Hebrews 11:38

For a listing of veterans of faith from ancient days read Hebrews 11 and for present day examples see “voice of the martyrs” at

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