from complexity to immensity

in a double helix spiral
of bases and pairs
a blueprint of living
in bonding strands
the inaudible language of DNA
that no one understands
voices its genius
in what it creates
from the nucleus of one single cell
genomes repeating
again and again
(gave Watson and Crick a nobel)
there are 3 billion bits of info on each strand
75 trillion bits
in just one man
less than 6 foot tall
and yet
there are those
who defiantly say
there is no God
it just happened
that way

there are seven billion people
on this earth
and seven billion more
have died
there are 400
billion galaxies
(hubble has identified)
that’s 57 galaxies
for each one
who has ever been
each having billions
of suns and stars
planets and moons within
and when I look up
most of the stars that I see
are those that dwell
in just one
thousands of
light years across
and here I stand
on this earthly
before God
who made it all!

~JD Collier

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