If all that we were—our life’s journal,
slips into a file labeled ‘past’;

and that which is Hope springs eternal,
looking to that which will last;
if all that defiled and detracts us,

both that from without and within;
the ruts in the road that entrapped us,
reminders of where we had been;
if things that we sought to sustain us,
that held us and bound us to sin;
conditions that cramped and restrained us,
was brought by the cross to an end;
if that which was evil that harmed us,
that dwelt in the darkest of night;
the thoughts of our minds that alarmed us,
surrenders to that which is right;
if He, by His death, changed the story,
adding grace upon grace, and He then
sat down in His heavenly glory
having nailed to the cross all our sin. . . .

then we above all can be thankful,
and nurture deep joy to the soul;
resting in Him who is faithful,
and caring, that others may know;
then we, by His grace, can live worth’ly,
renewing, conforming to Him;
with heavenly power, though earthly,
rejecting and turning from sin;
then we can be loving in spirit,
the peace of the Lord formed within;
and mirror His image and share it,
our goodness made perfect in Him;
then we can be brave and stand firmly,

whatever this world brings our way,
and we can be gentle, yet sternly
refuse to give in to its sway;
for He is the whole of the story,
the City of God is in view,
a mystery,  the hope of His glory,
the mystery–
“Christ Jesus in you”!

~JD Collier

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