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If all that we see—goes tomorrow,
And that which we don’t see stands fast;
These unfurnished shacks that bring sorrow
Will give in to that which will last;
If all that defiles and detracts us,
Both that from without and within;
The ruts in the road that entrap us,
Reminders of where we have been;
If things that we seek to sustain us,
That hold us and tempt us to sin;
Conditions that cramp and restrain us
Will suddenly come to an end;
If all the diseases that harm us,
And all of the wars that we fight;
The thoughts of our mind that alarm us,
Surrenders to that which is right;
If He, as the end of the story,
Brings all earthly things to a close,
And sets up a new world of glory,
Eternal with perfect repose. . . .

Then we above all can be grateful,
He nurtures deep joy to the soul;
While reaching to others, be faithful,
For Jesus we want them to know;
Then we, by His grace, can live worth’ly,
Behavior conforming to Him;
With heavenly power, though earthly,
Rejecting and turning from sin;
Then we can be humble in spirit,
And not self-protect or hide;
And mirror His image and share it,
For  He nailed to the cross all our pride;
Then we can be brave and stand firmly,
Whatever this world brings our way,
And we can be gentle, yet sternly
Refuse to give in to its sway;
For we know the end of the story,
The City of God is in view,
And when He returns in His glory,
All promises made, He will do!

~JD Collier

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