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The Choosing

September 5, 2017


There dwells among men an either-or
“The Lady or the Tiger”
a this or that door
no friendship can be
and no harmony
can exist between the two
No man can avoid the implication
when one door is chosen
the others forsaken
though many have tried
with cunning and pride
to make this fact untrue
As “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”
when looking both ways
it is understood
that this road division
requires a decision
that one cannot ignore

One way is wide and the other is narrow
the wide way looks easy
as straight as an arrow
and beckons me
and join in the ‘fun’
that the ‘many’ choose to explore

And as the Invictus puts me in control
with “I am the captain of my soul”
it’s easy to enter
when I am the center
self-serving in all that I do

Yet I will turn back to the smaller door
and join with The Raven
“who quoth ‘Nevermore’”
(to follow deception
distorts ones perception
and feigns that the falsehoods are true)

Seek out the ‘narrow’
avoid the disruption
choose the right way
instead of destruction
aim for the true
and take the long view
and only ‘will’ this one thing. . . .

to go through the Christ-gate
that leads to salvation
the entry
the pathway
the destination
for the “Paradise Lost”
is regained by the cross
on the royal road of the King

~JD Collier

“Enter through the narrow gate . For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matt 7:13-14 NIV

“I am the gate ; whoever enters through me will be saved.” John 10:9  NIV


Veterans of Faith

November 11, 2016








all those who died
who went before
who blazed the trail
who fought the war
all those who bravely
stood the test
who walked by faith
when hardship pressed
all those who loved
who saw beyond
who praised His Name
when hate was spawned
to those who lost
whose blood was poured
who gave their life
yet gained reward. . .

to those with hope
who gave their best
who heard the word
in faith said yes
all those who chose
His firm embrace
whose eyes could see
a better place
all those who bore
the cross
the shame
whose faith stayed strong
in Jesus Name
to those who crossed
the line and won
those saints of God
who cheer us on. . . .

and those today
who stay the course
who stand against
an evil force
who walk by faith
confess their sin
who stand their ground
who don’t give in
to those in Christ
who do their part
absorb the hurt
yet don’t lose heart
to those who stand
in one accord
vet’rans of faith
who seek the Lord. . .

we honor with grateful applause!

~JD Collier

“. . . the world was (is) not worthy of them” Hebrews 11:38

For a listing of veterans of faith from ancient days read Hebrews 11 and for present day examples see “voice of the martyrs” at

Crossing Over

September 13, 2015


Every man (or woman) who comes to Christ has a story to tell. The particulars may be dramatically different but the underlying essence of each story is the same. Here is one man’s story or should I say every man’s story . . .

“I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.”
John 5:24 NIV

with life undeveloped
though eager to grow
the world lain before me
I set out to know
though blind to the Light
(but here I regress)
‘til the day came
when I would say “yes”

I saw there before me
(though unknown erstwhile)
a hideous strength
a wretched espial
a dizzying vision
a vision so cruel
a sucking
a ripping
deep swallowing pool
a sickness inside me
was screaming its woe
wickedness cleaving
alive in my soul

a chillness descending
a judgment impending
a cold unrepenting
alive in my soul

shocked by this vision
aghast at this sight
“this cannot be me”
I cry out in fright
“’tis only a dream–
a dream in the night”

but the dream I heard spoken
the vision had words
the words took on meaning
my heavy heart heard–
“nothing is hidden
that God does not view
all secrets
exposed by the true
unapproachably Holy
indescribable Light
no sin and no darkness
survives in His sight”

crushed by the weight
of this stern admonition
that each sin committed
of my own volition
walls me from God
on the side of perdition
demanding my death–
’twas not a dream
but realities harsh
unmistakable theme

“O what can I do”
my thinking expanding
“can this be true-
this dour understanding”

haltingly breathing
remorsefully heaving
repentant and grieving–
I am defined

“help me I’m dying”
I cry out in pain
no more the denying
the truth is quite plain
this dreadful condition that damns
I confess
“forgive me O Lord
relieve my duress”. . . . .

then quickly
like blinking
a thought–
(more than thinking)
a glimmer of hope
sprang forth in my breast
as dew is to parchness
or softness to harshness
through weakness
a sweetness
a gentle caress

a Holy
with love
’til my heart resigning
with “yes” . . .

to Him I say
“YES!” . . .

as waves blood red
wash over the screaming
waters soft streaming
flow over my head
a pureness
a soundness
a grace that is boundless
from sightless
to rightness
to love I am led

the warmth of the surging
the cleansing
the purging
a newness emerging
as grave clothes are shed
from sickness to healing
from numbness to feeling
born from above
crossed o’er from the dead

that sound
a far distant cry
no longer my screaming
but those at the cross
where one is to die
with no interference
this man in appearance
this servant is humbled
and gives no reply
He carries the burden
my sin has incurred and
He offers himself in my place
there to die . . .
a “yes” to the Father
“may thy will be done”
and there
on that cross
the victory is won
my death and my hell
nailed to a tree
without sin
became sin
for me

an offering
from ‘Abba’
new life from above
each “yes” that is spoken
soaks deep in His love

what wonder
what glory
His “yes” sealed my story—
from wretched
to righteous
by Grace
and by Love

~JD Collier
“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

“The moment the Spirit has quickened us to life in regeneration our whole being senses its kinship to God and leaps up in joyous recognition. That is the heavenly birth without which we cannot see the Kingdom of God. It is, however, not an end but an inception, for now begins the glorious pursuit, the heart’s happy exploration of the infinite riches of the Godhead. That is where we begin, I say, but where we stop no man has yet discovered, for there is in the awful and mysterious depths of the Triune God neither limit nor end.” A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God

I have heard it said that

March 14, 2015


there are seven billion people
on this earth
a hundred billion more
have died
there are four hundred
billion galaxies
(hubble has guestified)
that’s three point seven galaxies
for each one
who has ever been
each having billions
of suns and stars
planets and moons within
and when I look up
all of the stars that I see
are those that dwell
in just one
thousands of
light years across
and here I stand
on this earthly
in awe
of the God
who made it all!

~JD Collier

O LORD, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth!  Your glory is higher than the heavens. . . .When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers — the moon and the stars you have set in place — what are mortals that you should think of us, mere humans that you should care for us?    For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor.  Psalms 8:1, 3-5

Source:  “We now know that our galaxy is one of more than 400 billion galaxies in the observable universe.”  Scientific American, The End of Cosmology, March, 2008.

The Name

February 18, 2015

The Father,
All Sovereign,
All Wise–
His Excellency,
In Him all Divinity lies.

The Son,
The Christ,
The Truth,
The Lamb that was Slain–
The Word,
The Life,
The Light of Men,
The King who forever will reign.

The Spirit,
The Promise,
The Paraclete,
The Oil of Gladness and Grace–
The Comforter,
Spirit of Counsel and Might,
The Dove of Heaven’s embrace.

The Father,
The Son,
The Holy Ghost,
The fountain,
The spring,
The flow–
Atonement for man,
The seal of the heart and the soul.

One God
Our loftiest
Only in reverence
Speak The Name,
And joy in the God of Salvation.

~JD Collier

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Ps 8:9

Holy and awesome is his name. Ps 111:9

Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.  Ps 29:2

Let them praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.  Ps 148:13

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov 18:10

He who forms the mountains, creates the wind, and reveals his thoughts to man, he who turns dawn to darkness, and treads the high places of the earth — the LORD God Almighty is his name.  Amos 4:13

The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.  Zech 14:9

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.  Mal 4:1-2

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name” Matt 6:9