The Scroll (Part 2-Horsemen Get Ready!)

I. The Four Horsemen
I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals.  Rev 6:1 NIV

Horsemen get ready.[i] Rev. 6:1-2
Hold tight to your beast.
Keep your horse steady.
Prepare for release.
First! Horse of white,
It’s time to go.
Full of great might,
To conquer foe.
With bow and crown,
Rider advance,
Man of renown,
Kingdom enhance;
This false Christ strikes out to win.

Next horseman ready;                                                               Rev. 6:3-4
Hold tight to your beast.
Keep your horse steady.
Seal two I release.
Rider with pow’r,
Fiery red horse,
Man to devour,
Has no remorse,
Wars to increase,
Brandishing sword,
Takes away peace,
Justice ignored;
Civility comes to an end.

Third horseman prepare;                                                           Rev. 6:5-6
Hold tight to your beast.
And steady your mare;
Black horse I release.
Rider to hold
A weight and scale.
Little is sold,
As food banks fail.
A quart of wheat
For one day’s wage.
Many don’t eat;
Inflations rage.
As famine takes over mankind.

Fourth horseman, come out!                                                     Rev. 6:7-8
Hold tight to your beast.
No horse is more stout;
Your time of release.
This fourth horse—pale,
Rider named ‘Death’;
Hades in trail,
Takes away breath.
Famine and sword,
And wild beasts probe,
As plague is poured
On fourth of globe;
The world begins to unwind.

With the horsemen of                                                                Rev. 6:9-11
Apocalypse sent,
The Lamb from above
Hears fifth seal lament:
“How long, O Lord,
Holy and true,
Till you take sword;
Avenge your due?”
“More are to come;
You are to wait,
While others succumb;
Martyred by hate.”
Loathing of Christ is profound!

All that was certain,                                                                  Rev. 13:1-10
No longer the same;
Our safety curtain,
‘Proud One’ set aflame.[ii] Rev. 13:5-6
This lawless man,
Substitute god,
Sets up his plan,
To death gives nod.
Death to those who                                                               Rev. 12:13-17
Follow the Lamb,
And to the Jew;
His blood line damn.
He tramples on holy ground.

Sixth seal opens wide                                                                Rev. 6:12-17
And people take flight.
They all seek to hide
From coming dark night.
Princes and Kings,
Rich man and poor,
Know what God brings,
Wrath is in store.
The great earth quakes,
Foundations crack,
Entire world shakes,
The sun turns black.
Who shall be able to stand?

T’was not in their plan,                                                  Matt. 24:29-30
The day of His wrath.
All over the land
They stop in their path.
That dreadful day,
About to start,
Too late to pray[iii]
Or change your heart. . . . .
Then sudden light;
Dark overthrown,
Breaking through night,
God’s Glory shone!
The sign of the Son of Man.

II. The Great Multitude
After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude . . . standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.  Rev 7:9 NIV

From whence comes this sign                                                    Rev. 7:9-14
That pierces the night?
Who are they that shine
In the robes made white?
From every tribe,
Before His throne,
Who Him ascribe,
Glory alone?
Treated as sons,
Praising His name,
Who are these ones
Who Him acclaim?
Taken from great tribulation.

(And why did God’s rage                                                        1 John 4:10
Upon them not fall;
His anger assuage,
Escaping from all?
For them, a path,

His Son, Our Lord,
Absorbed the wrath,
On Him it poured.
He took their place,
For them He cared,
Showing them grace,
Their lives He spared.
Through faith they found salvation.)

They’ve safely come through,                                                    Rev. 7:14-17
Though many were slain,
Maltreated, yet true,
With God they will reign.
They’ll never thirst,
Hunger again,
End of the curse,
No longer sin.
All of their tears,
God wipes away,
Removing all fears,
In eternal day.
Christ’s bride from every nation.[iv]

III. The Day of His Wrath
There will be no more delay!  Rev 10:6 NIV

Those that were not caught
To heaven above,
They’re left in distraught,
Apart from God’s love.[v]
The man God made,
That would not hear,
God he betrayed,
His choice made clear.
He chose the mark,[vi] Rev. 13:16-17
Followed the beast,
Walked in the dark,
Conscience released,
Choosing to live in his sins.                                                        Rev. 9:21-21

The Lamb finally breaks                                                            Rev. 8:1
The last seal of dread.
Decreed, the end states:
The winepress He’ll tread.
The seventh seal,
The Lamb divides.
It seems surreal.
Silence presides.
Silent and still,
Heaven above,
Waiting until,
What He spoke of:
The Day that His Wrath begins.

With no more delays,                                                                Rev. 8:3-5
A deafening sound.
The altar’s bright blaze
Is hurled to the ground.
Thundering blows,
And flashing lights,
Louder it grows,
Man’s fear ignites,
Warnings have ceased,
Earthquakes begin,
Fury released,
Because of the sin
Of all who reject His Son.

Wrath from the heavens,                                                           Rev. 8:6-9:21
Crescendoing woes!                                                                Rev.15:1-16:21
There’re two more sevens:
The trumpets and bowls.[vii]
Destruction comes
To grass and trees,
Water that runs,
Even the seas.
The bowls of wrath,
On earth are poured,
On man who hath
His God ignored.
The vengeance of God has come.

The consummation
To earth will descend,
And every nation
Will come to its end.
Babylon the Great,[viii] Rev. 17-18
City of woe,
Will meet its fate,
To Hades go.
The Man of Sin,[ix] Rev. 19:11-21
His kingdom too,
Comes to an end,
Receiving its due.
And finally, “It . . . is . . . done!”                                                Rev. 21:6

The heavenly throng
Can’t hold back their yeas.                                                       Rev. 19:6
To Him on the throne,
They shout out their praise.
The world enslaved
Has been released.
His chosen saved
Joins bridal feast.                                                                  Rev. 19:9
The Kingdom of
The world restored
Is now the Kingdom
Of Christ our Lord,
“And He . . . will reign . . . forever!” Rev 11:15

IV. Come!
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!”  Rev 22:17

Salvation comes through                                                           Rev. 19:1-2
The One on the throne.
His judgments are true.
He does it alone.
The winepress tread,
It has been done.
End day of dread,
New world begun.                                                                Rev. 21:5
Jesus will reign
From this day forth,
No sinful stain;
No more remorse.
Trustworthy—true words I give.

I heard this decree,
That soon He will come.                                                           Rev. 22:7
The life giving tree,
His own will eat from                                                             Rev. 22:14
Blessed by the Lord,
Their robes made white,
Have their reward,
Heard this invite:
“Come you who hear;                                                           Rev. 22:16-17
Come thirsty one.
Come without fear.
Say ‘yes’ to the Son.
Come drink from the water and live!”[x]


He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.  Rev 22:20 NIV

[i] Rev. 6:1-8 The first 4 seals, commonly referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, are briefly described in Matthew 24:4-8 and are referred to as “the beginning of birth pains”.

[ii] The Proud One, also called the Lawless One, or the anti-christ blasphemes God and forces mankind to worship him.

[iii] This is not the time of choosing whose side you will be on but the time of realizing which side you have already chosen.

[iv] This line is interpretive, suggesting that the church (bride of Christ), including all believers who have died from all ages, are together caught up to meet the Lord in the air, at the end of the sixth seal.  The seventh seal begins the “Day of the Lord” or the “Day of His Wrath”.

[v] There is no way that God’s love can embrace, what He, in His holiness, condemns.  God loves man and extends mercy and grace to all who receive His Son, but those who reject Him face certain judgment.

[vi] The often referred to “mark of the beast” or “666” is either chosen or rejected by all who live on the face of the earth at this time.  Those who chose the mark will receive God’s wrath.

[vii] The trumpets and bowl judgments, only mentioned briefly, are extensively described in Rev. 8:6-9:21 and chapters 15 and 16.  These judgments comprise the wrath of God against the anti-christ, his kingdom, and all who have rejected His Messiah.

[viii] The rise and demise of “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and of the Abominations of the Earth” is presented in detail in Revelation 17 and 18.

[ix] The rise of the “Man of Sin”, also known as the “beast out of the sea” or the anti-christ, is described in Rev. 13:1-10.  His demise is described in detail in Rev.. 19:11-21

[x] Without water no man can survive.  This water is spiritual drink without which no man can ultimately and truly survive.


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