Overburdened Giants

“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  Psalm 11:3

a nation while napping
has piled on the debt
is caught in the trappings
it longingly set
though destined to failure
for what it has been
still squanders the future
because of its sin
and remains on the road called ‘demise’

it plods on ignoring
its culpable part
instead of restoring
and changing of heart
refusing repentance
with foreheads like flint
pretending the sentence
will never be sent
and is deaf to the words of the wise

like a worn out giant
overburdened with load
no more God reliant
nor courage of old
sinking to knees
unable to stand
forsaking beliefs
seems the national plan
of its ever opining elite

and so went the story
of one ancient land
Israel’s lost glory
neglecting God’s plan
when leaders departed
from trusting the Lord
and chose the uncharted
they fell by the sword. . . .

and nations much later
still face the same plight–
to reject the Creator
is to turn out the Light . . .
and history is set to repeat

~JD Collier


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