The Scroll (Part 1-Worthy)


In Revelation 4 and 5 is a glorious word picture of worship in ever widening concentric circles.  At the center is the throne of God.  Around the throne are four living, worshipping creatures, surrounded by twenty-four thrones with twenty-four worshipping elders. They, in turn, are surrounded by myriads of worshipping angels and finally, all created beings, in one huge convocation offer worship to the one on the throne and to the Lamb.  Note that the occasion of this most sacred worship is an event—the presentation of a unique seven sealed scroll to the only one whom, because He is worthy, has the authority to open.

I.  Worthy!

“After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven.” Rev. 4:1

down from the heavens
the throne of God
come rumblings and thundering peals
each thunder clash
and lightning flash
the One on the throne reveals
around the throne four creatures are seen
one strong like an ox and
a lion of might
an eagle in flight
and one like the face of a man
these heavenly creatures
each with six wings
are covered all over with eyes
all day and night
with all of their might
their voices unceasingly rise

Holy the Lord
God Almighty is He
He was
He is
all future is His
and He forever will be

surrounding the throne are twenty-four thrones
where twenty-four elders sit
in white they’re clothed
with crowns of gold
the sevenfold lamp is lit
the creatures give glory
and honor
and thanks
in reverence
repeat their intone
each elder bows down
and sets forth his crown
before Him who sits on the throne

You are worthy our Lord and God
all glory and honor are due
all things You made
Your will displayed
all have their being in You

a seven sealed scroll in God’s right hand
has writing inside each seal
I stood in awe
at what I saw
for when opened each becomes real

who is worthy to open the scroll
the angels sought one of great worth
I wept at the sight
of the angels plight
there’s none in heaven or earth
one of the elders said
do not weep
see the Lion of Judah’s tribe
from David’s root
came forth a shoot
he used to describe
I looked and I saw the Lamb of God
looking as if he’d been slain
He came and He took
the seven sealed book
preparing the world to reclaim

the elders and creatures
bow to the Lamb
with bowls of prayers of the saints
with harps in hand
a song began—
a new song they sang and gave thanks

You are worthy to take the scroll
and open the seven seals
You purchased when slain
Your blood did attain
men that your sacrifice heals
from every language and people and tribe
You chose and gave them new birth
from these the least
a kingdom of priests
and they will reign on the earth

many the angels who circle the throne
ten thousand times ten thousand strong
say the four
the elders adore
the angels sing loudly with song

power and wealth
wisdom and strength
worthy the Lamb who was slain
glory and praise
we honor with yeas
we worship Your name

then every creature in heaven and earth
the angels
the elders
the four
both man and beast
from greatest to least
together their praises outpour

praise unto Him
who sits on the throne

we worship 
we honor the Lamb
His glory we laud
extol and applaud
forever and ever
amen amen
forever and ever

(For a continuation and the opening of the seven sealed scroll–read “The Scroll part 2 Horsemen Get Ready”)


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