Wake up, O Sleeper!

A word about this poem . . .

when a person  faiths in Christ, salvation is born.  This salvation can be described in three tenses:  1) the past tense describes the moment in which one believes.  He is made a new creature in Christ  (the first stanza).  2) present tense salvation is the living out of that faith in the here and now (the second stanza).  3) and future tense salvation is the surrendering of our earthly body to the resurrection of a new body (the third stanza).   The fourth stanza reviews all three.  Look for these as you read.

The past tense is commonly referred to as salvation, the present tense as sanctification, and the future tense as glorification. . . .just a simple little theology lesson for today (not that you didn’t already know but sometimes I like to write something in addition to a poem).  :)

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”  (Eph 5: 14 NIV)

Once you were darkness
but now you are light,
out from the starkness,
deeds lifeless as night.
You came out weeping
that’s why it is said,
“You woke up from sleeping
and rose from the dead.
Christ Jesus has shined on you!”

Stand firm against darkness,
expose in the Light;
Turning from marredness,
in Him find delight.
Him you are seeking
so let it be said,
“No slumber or sleeping
but raised from the dead;
let Jesus shine brightly in you!”

Once more comes the darkness,
your eyes growing dim;
living through harshness,
yet focused on Him;
then comes grim reaper
and soon will be said,
“Wake up, O sleeper,
and rise from the dead
for Christ is shining on you!”

Christ shines in your bleakness
and gives you new life;
adds grace to your weakness,
delivering through strife,
when death comes creeping
and takes you away,
you’ll wake up leaping
in eternal day;
to shine on you!

~JD Collier


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